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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in OpenCATS affects v. 0.9.6.


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OpenCATS is an open-source Applicant Tracking System that assists in tracking job applicants under various stages of the recruitment process. This software is used by organizations and agencies to manage their hiring process efficiently. OpenCATS is a user-friendly and customizable platform that simplifies and streamlines the recruitment process, making it easier and more accessible. It enables recruitment managers to maintain applicant data in an organized manner and manages resumes, interview schedules, and job listings in one central repository. With OpenCATS, HR departments can easily manage hiring workflows, increase efficiency, and save time.

However, OpenCATS has a critical security flaw that has been identified as CVE-2023-27292. This vulnerability exposes OpenCATS to template injection, resulting from improper validation of user-supplied GET parameters. The absence of proper validation in user input allows attackers to inject malicious content into OpenCATS, leading to unauthorized access to sensitive data, such as job postings, resumes, and candidate information stored in the victim's system.

Exploited, the CVE-2023-27292 vulnerability can result in severe consequences, including data breaches and the leakage of sensitive information. Attackers can use this vulnerability to trick victims into visiting malicious websites where users’ browsers are redirected to dangerous web pages containing malware or phishing attempts. They can also use it to steal personal information, financial information, and confidential data.

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