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CVE-2019-18393 Scanner

Detects 'Directory Traversal' vulnerability in Ignite Realtime Openfire affects v. through 4.4.2.


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Ignite Realtime Openfire is a highly popular collaboration software designed primarily for corporate enterprises. It is an XMPP server that allows individuals and corporate organizations to create secure messaging systems that are highly reliable and scalable. With Openfire, users can communicate within groups, set up private chats and share files securely. It has an extensible plugin architecture that enables the addition of new features and functionalities that enhance the user experience.

Unfortunately, a severe vulnerability was detected in the file in Openfire versions up to 4.4.2. The CVE-2019-18393 code is a directory traversal exploit that can be highly damaging when exploited. The vulnerability lies in the fact that the application does not adequately check the location of retrieved files, allowing attackers to access resources that are located outside the Openfire root directory.

Exploitation of the vulnerability can lead to several devastating consequences. Attackers can gain access to sensitive data, modify critical settings, upload unauthorized files, and execute malicious code. It is also possible to gain a foothold in the system and move laterally to other parts of the network in a highly targeted attack, such as corporate espionage.

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