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CVE-2021-40542 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Opensis-Classic affects v. 8.0.


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OpenSIS-Classic Version 8.0 is an open-source school management system. It helps administrators to manage academic records, such as attendance, assessment, schedules, and grading, and generate reports, such as transcripts, progress cards, and certificates, of students in K-12 schools and colleges. OpenSIS-Classic is designed to work on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS and supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle as a database management system. OpenSIS-Classic provides a web-based user interface where teachers, students, and parents can access and share information securely. 

CVE-2021-40542 is a security vulnerability that affects OpenSIS-Classic Version 8.0. This vulnerability allows an attacker, who does not have to be authenticated or authorized, to inject malicious scripts into the link_url parameter in Ajax_url_encode.php. This parameter is commonly used in the URL of the page to retrieve data from the server or execute a specific function. The scripts injected by the attacker can be executed by the victim's web browser in the context of the vulnerable web application, which can lead to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. 

When this vulnerability is exploited, an attacker can steal sensitive data, such as user credentials, session cookies, or personal information, from the victim's browser and send it to the attacker's server or perform malicious actions, such as redirecting the victim to a phishing page, downloading malware, or defacing the website. The impact of this vulnerability depends on the intention and skill level of the attacker and the sensitivity and volume of the targeted data. 

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