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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Oracle WebCenter Content affects v.,,


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Oracle WebCenter Content is a component of Oracle Fusion Middleware which serves as a content management system. This software allows users to manage content in an efficient and secure manner. Primarily used by large enterprises, Oracle WebCenter Content is a popular solution to meet the document needs of businesses.

CVE-2017-10075 is a vulnerability that was detected in Oracle WebCenter Content. This vulnerability can be easily exploited by an unauthorized attacker who has network access via HTTP. Since the vulnerability can be exploited without authentication, it poses a serious threat to the security of Oracle WebCenter Content and other related products. The impact of this vulnerability can be severe as it allows unauthorized access to sensitive data, unauthorized updates or deletion of critical data.

If the CVE-2017-10075 vulnerability is exploited, it can lead to unauthorized access to critical data stored in the Oracle WebCenter Content system. In some cases, the attackers could gain complete access to all the data stored, leading to a potential data breach. The vulnerability also allows attackers to modify or delete data stored in Oracle WebCenter Content. This could lead to data loss, affect business operations, and cause reputation damage.

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