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CVE-2022-21500 Scanner

Detects 'Accessible Registration Panel ' vulnerability in Oracle E-Business Suite affects v. from 12.2.4 to 12.2.11.


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CVE-2022-21500 Scanner Detail

Oracle E-Business Suite is a popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that is widely used by businesses around the world. This product provides a range of tools that allow organizations to manage various business processes such as financials, procurement, supply chain management, and human resources. The suite integrates with different modules, applications, and databases to deliver a complete solution that meets the specific needs of a business. Its popularity also makes it a target for cybercriminals who seek to exploit vulnerabilities in order to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data.

The CVE-2022-21500 vulnerability is the latest issue detected in the Oracle E-Business Suite. This easy-to-exploit vulnerability affects versions 12.2 of the product. Hackers can exploit this vulnerability when they have network access via HTTP without authentication to compromise the system. Interestingly, although authentication is required for the successful attack, the attacker can be self-registered, proving that the vulnerability can be manipulated easily.

The CVE-2022-21500 vulnerability poses a significant threat to organizations that use Oracle E-Business Suite. In the hands of attackers, this vulnerability can be used to gain access to critical data or even compromise the entire system. The confidentiality of information can be seriously undermined, leading to significant financial losses and reputational damages. With access credentials, attackers can steal valuable information, introduce malware, or carry out other cyberattacks that might bring an organization to its knees.

In conclusion reading this article it is a good precaution as well as taking the necessary precautions to avoid these types of threats by using pro features. Allowing them to easily and quickly learn about vulnerabilities in their digital assets, which will help individuals and businesses to proactively protect their data and prevent costly cyber-attacks. Being proactive in information security is the strategy to prevent substantial losses that can arise from this type of vulnerability.



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