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CVE-2022-21587 Scanner

Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator affects v. 12.2.3-12.2.11.


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Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator, or simply WADL, is a product offered by Oracle E-Business Suite. It is a tool that facilitates the integration of Excel spreadsheets with Oracle's business applications. This product, which is commonly utilized in corporate finance departments, enables users to access real-time data, create reports, and upload them via a simple Excel interface. WADL streamlines these processes and eliminates the need for professionals to conduct manual data transfers, saving them significant time and effort. 

Recently, a vulnerability has been discovered in WADL, identified as CVE-2022-21587. The flaw has been present in supported versions ranging from 12.2.3 to 12.2.11 and can be easily exploitable by an unauthorized party with network access using HTTP communication protocols. The vulnerability revolves around the Upload component, which is a crucial feature of WADL. An attacker could potentially infiltrate the system through this vulnerability, leading to a takeover of WADL. 

Once this vulnerability is exploited, it could result in dire consequences. The impacts of CVE-2022-21587 include confidentiality breaches, integrity compromises, and availability issues. If hackers gain access to WADL, they may have access to sensitive financial data and other confidential or sensitive information, potentially leading to a loss of revenue, legal repercussions, or damage to a company's reputation. platform, with its pro features, allows users to stay updated on threats to their digital assets, including vulnerabilities in their systems. The platform provides real-time scans for known vulnerabilities and ensures that users are notified swiftly, allowing them to fix any issue that may arise, making it the best choice for proactive security measures. By utilizing this platform, businesses can remain protected and prepared for any potential threats that may come their way.



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