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CVE-2021-40651 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in OS4Ed OpenSIS Community affects v. 8.0.


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Vulnerability Overview

The issue exists due to improper handling of the modname parameter in Modules.php. By manipulating the parameter with directory traversal sequences, an attacker can include and execute arbitrary files from the server's filesystem.

Vulnerability Details

Exploiting the vulnerability involves crafting a malicious request to Modules.php with a modified modname parameter that includes directory traversal characters (../). This can lead to unauthorized access to sensitive files like /etc/passwd, providing attackers with valuable system information and potentially facilitating further attacks.

Possible Effects

Exploitation of this LFI vulnerability could result in:

  • Disclosure of sensitive files and data stored on the server.
  • Gaining insights into system configuration and installed software for further targeted attacks.

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