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CVE-2023-49103 Scanner

Detects 'Information Disclosure' vulnerability in owncloud/graphapi affects v. 0.2.x before 0.2.1 and 0.3.x before 0.3.1.


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OwnCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share application that offers services similar to Google Drive and Dropbox. Owncloud/graphapi is a third-party app that enables the integration of ownCloud with Microsoft Graph, a platform that provides access to Office 365 data. This integration allows ownCloud users to access and manage their Office 365 files from within the ownCloud interface.

The CVE-2023-49103 vulnerability was detected in the owncloud/graphapi app. This vulnerability arises from a third-party library called GetPhpInfo.php, which is used by the app. When this library is accessed, it exposes the configuration details of the PHP environment, including all the environment variables of the webserver. In a containerized deployment, such variables may include sensitive data, such as the Owncloud admin password, mail server credentials, and license key. 

When exploited, this vulnerability can result in an attacker gaining access to sensitive data stored on the ownCloud server. Such data may include personal information, business-critical files, and other sensitive data that needs to remain confidential to prevent identity or intellectual property theft. From this perspective, the vulnerability poses a considerable risk to the security of the ownCloud users.

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