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Pair Drop Panel Scanner

This scanner targets the detection of Pair Drop Panel, a web-based platform designed for local file sharing, similar to Apple's AirDrop technology but accessible through a browser. It aims to provide a seamless and secure method for sharing files between devices without the need for installation.


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Vulnerability Overview

The presence of Pair Drop Panel signifies the use of a local file-sharing service within the network. While not inherently vulnerable, the detection of such services can provide insights into the internal tools and protocols used by an organization, potentially aiding in further security assessments or reconnaissance by attackers.

Vulnerability Details

Pair Drop Panel operates as a web-based platform for peer-to-peer file sharing directly within browsers, eliminating the need for external applications. It is identified by specific markers in the web page's source code, such as the title tag <title>PairDrop and references to Peer2Peer functionality. These indicators help in confirming the service's presence on a network.

Possible Effects

The exposure of Pair Drop Panel without proper security measures can lead to unauthorized file access or data leakage. Attackers might exploit this service to distribute malicious files or intercept sensitive information shared between users.

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