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Detects 'Unauthenticated XMLRPC Commands Execution' vulnerability in PaperCut NG affects v. 22.0.12 and below.


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PaperCut NG is a popular print management software that allows organizations to monitor, control, and manage printing activities. The software provides administrators with a range of tools to effectively manage printing to save costs, reduce waste, and improve productivity. PaperCut NG is commonly used in schools, universities, and businesses with large print volumes to help manage printing resources.

CVE-2023-4568 is a serious vulnerability that has been detected in PaperCut NG. This vulnerability allows for unauthenticated XMLRPC commands to be executed by default, making it easy for hackers to gain access to the system without proper credentials. Versions 22.0.12 and below are confirmed to be affected, but later versions may also be at risk due to the lack of a patch from the vendor.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to a range of issues, including data breaches, denial of service attacks, and unauthorized access to sensitive information. Hackers could easily gain access to user data, modify system configurations, or plant malware that could be used to access other systems on the network. The consequences of such an attack could be devastating, leading to reputational damage, financial loss, and legal ramifications.

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