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CVE-2024-4577 scanner - Argument Injection vulnerability in PHP CGI


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PHP CGI is a component used in web server environments to process PHP scripts via the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). It is widely deployed by web hosting providers and developers for executing PHP code on web servers. This software allows dynamic web applications to interact with users by processing form inputs, accessing databases, and generating web pages dynamically. PHP CGI is integral to many web applications due to its efficiency and ease of use. It is commonly found in both commercial and open-source web applications.

The vulnerability in PHP CGI involves a critical argument injection flaw. This flaw allows an attacker to manipulate CGI parameters and inject arbitrary code. Exploiting this vulnerability can result in remote code execution on the affected server. The impact of this vulnerability is severe, as it can lead to full compromise of the server.

The vulnerability exploits a flaw in the handling of CGI parameters by PHP CGI. By injecting specially crafted arguments, an attacker can bypass security restrictions and execute arbitrary PHP code. The vulnerable endpoints include PHP script files like php-cgi.exe, index.php, test.php, and others. Parameters such as cgi.force_redirect and allow_url_include can be manipulated to include malicious code. The exploit involves sending a POST request with the payload embedded in the URL and body, triggering the code execution.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to complete server compromise. Attackers can execute arbitrary code, gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, and manipulate server configurations. This could result in data breaches, defacement of websites, and disruption of web services. In severe cases, attackers may use the compromised server to launch further attacks on other systems.

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