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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in PHP Jabbers Night Club Booking Software affects v. 1.0


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PHP Jabbers Night Club Booking Software is a digital solution designed for nightclubs and entertainment venues to facilitate online booking and reservation management. This software streamlines the process of managing table bookings, event tickets, and special requests, allowing establishments to offer a more efficient and customer-friendly service. It is particularly used by nightclubs looking to digitize their booking processes, improve customer experience, and enhance operational efficiency. The platform offers features like calendar views, customizable booking forms, and automatic confirmation emails, making it an essential tool for nightlife businesses aiming to optimize their reservation system and maximize occupancy rates.

The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability in PHP Jabbers Night Club Booking Software version 1.0 allows attackers to execute malicious scripts in the browsers of unsuspecting users. This can lead to unauthorized access to user information, session hijacking, and manipulation of web content displayed to the user. The vulnerability stems from the software's inadequate validation and sanitization of user inputs, particularly in the 'index' parameter of the '/index.php' file. It represents a significant security risk, as it can be exploited by attackers to compromise the integrity and confidentiality of user data.

The specific vulnerability is triggered when an attacker injects a malicious script into the 'index' parameter of the '/index.php' file. This script is then executed in the browser of any user who visits the compromised link, effectively allowing the attacker to execute arbitrary JavaScript code within the context of the victim's session. The attack vector is facilitated by the lack of proper input sanitization, making it possible for attackers to embed and execute script tags in the context of the page. This issue highlights a critical oversight in the application's input handling mechanisms, underscoring the need for thorough input validation and output encoding practices.

If exploited, this XSS vulnerability could have several detrimental effects, including theft of authentication cookies, manipulation of web content visible to the user, and the execution of unauthorized actions on behalf of the user. This not only compromises the security and privacy of the user but can also damage the reputation of the nightclub or venue using the software. The potential for phishing attacks and distribution of malware further exacerbates the risk, making it imperative for the vulnerability to be addressed promptly.

Security for Everyone platform provides a comprehensive solution for identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities like XSS in PHP Jabbers Night Club Booking Software. By utilizing our platform, businesses can gain insights into potential security weaknesses within their digital infrastructure and receive guidance on implementing effective security measures. Our service enables venues to maintain a secure online booking system, protect customer data, and build trust with their clientele. Joining Security for Everyone ensures that your business is equipped to tackle cybersecurity challenges and safeguard against data breaches and cyber attacks.



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