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CVE-2020-5192 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in PHPGurukul Hospital Management System affects v. 4.0.


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Fortifying Digital Defenses: Understanding CVE-2020-5192 Vulnerability in PHPGurukul Hospital Management System

Empowering Hospital Operations with PHPGurukul Hospital Management System

PHPGurukul Hospital Management System stands as an indispensable web application tailored to streamline hospital operations, encompassing the comprehensive management of doctors and patients. Leveraging PHP and MySQL, the system facilitates essential tasks such as online appointments, medical histories, patient records, and doctor appointment management, driving efficiency and organization within healthcare facilities.

Exploring CVE-2020-5192 Vulnerability

The CVE-2020-5192 vulnerability detected in version 4.0 of the PHPGurukul Hospital Management System unveils multiple SQL injection vulnerabilities across various pages and parameters. This security flaw exposes critical lapses in user input validation, allowing threat actors to execute malicious SQL queries, potentially leading to complete compromise of the application's database and sensitive information.

Consequences of CVE-2020-5192 Vulnerability

In the hands of a malicious cyber attacker, the exploitation of the CVE-2020-5192 vulnerability can yield devastating consequences. Such unauthorized access to the application's database can result in severe data breaches, compromising patient records, confidential information, and operational integrity. The potential impact encompasses not only the compromise of sensitive data but also the tarnishing of organizational reputation and patient trust.

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