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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in PHPJabbers Shuttle Booking Software affects v. 1.0


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PHPJabbers Shuttle Booking Software is designed for businesses operating shuttle and transport services. This software allows companies to offer online booking options to their customers, making it easier to manage reservations, schedules, and client information. It is primarily used by shuttle service providers to enhance their operational efficiency and improve customer service through an accessible online platform. The tool enables users to select from various transportation options and book their rides directly through the website. This digital solution supports service providers in streamlining their booking process and reducing administrative overhead.

The Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability discovered in PHPJabbers Shuttle Booking Software version 1.0 allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages. This vulnerability can be exploited by sending a crafted URL to unsuspecting users, leading to potential theft of session tokens, login credentials, and other sensitive information. The impact of exploiting this vulnerability includes compromising user privacy and unauthorized access to user sessions. It exploits the software's lack of proper input validation and sanitization.

The XSS vulnerability is present in the 'index.php' file of the PHPJabbers Shuttle Booking Software. It specifically arises when malicious scripts are injected into the URL through parameters that are inadequately sanitized before being included in the page content. This allows attackers to execute arbitrary JavaScript code in the context of the victim's browser. The vulnerability is triggered when the user interacts with the malicious link, rendering the session and data exposed to the attacker. It highlights the importance of rigorous input validation and sanitization practices in web application development.

Exploitation of this XSS vulnerability can lead to several adverse outcomes, including session hijacking, personal data theft, and unauthorized actions performed on behalf of the user. It could also result in the dissemination of malware, phishing attempts, and other malicious activities. The breach of trust and security can significantly impact the reputation of the service provider, potentially leading to loss of customers and legal consequences.

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