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Detects 'Code Injection' vulnerability in phpMyAdmin affects v. 2.11.x before and 3.x before


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PhpMyAdmin is a popular software tool used for managing MySQL databases through a web interface. It provides users with a wide range of functionalities, including the creation and management of databases, tables, and queries. PhpMyAdmin is widely used by website owners and developers around the world for its user-friendly interface, versatility and ease of use.

CVE-2009-1151 is a static code injection vulnerability that was found in phpMyAdmin. It affects versions 2.11.x before and 3.x before This vulnerability allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary PHP code into configuration files through the save action function. This means that an attacker can execute malicious code and take control of the entire system, giving them free reign over sensitive information.

When exploited, the CVE-2009-1151 vulnerability can lead to disastrous consequences. Attackers can inject malicious code and execute it, which could lead to data theft, data modification, and even system crashes or damage. Furthermore, the attacker may gain unauthorized access to sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and other confidential data stored in the database.

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