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Detects 'Unauthenticated Arbitrary Login' vulnerability in Pie Register plugin for WordPress affects v. before


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CVE-2021-24647 Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

Pie Register, a plugin for creating custom registration forms on WordPress, has a critical security flaw in its social login process. This flaw permits attackers to bypass authentication mechanisms, potentially logging in as any user by merely knowing their user ID or username.

Vulnerability Details

The issue lies within the social login functionality of Pie Register versions prior to Specifically, an attacker can send a crafted POST request to the login URL with manipulated parameters (social_site=true and a user-defined user_id_social_site) to achieve unauthorized access to any user account.

Possible Effects

Successful exploitation allows an attacker to:

  • Access private user information.
  • Perform actions with the privileges of the compromised user, including administrative tasks.
  • Potentially escalate privileges or exploit further vulnerabilities within the site.

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