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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Pinterest plugin for WordPress affects v. before 1.0.5.


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The bws-pinterest plugin is a popular tool designed for WordPress websites to assist users in maintaining a strong presence on Pinterest. It is known for being useful in automating the sharing of website content on Pinterest boards, promoting brand recognition and driving traffic to websites. This plugin has become a staple for businesses seeking to maximize their organic reach on Pinterest. 

Unfortunately, the bws-pinterest plugin before 1.0.5 for WordPress has multiple XSS issues that have been detected, CVE-2017-18517 being among them. This particular vulnerability is caused by an improper handling of user input in an AJAX action. What this means is that a remote attacker can exploit this flaw to inject malicious scripts into the targeted website, and as a result, steal sensitive data, such as login credentials and user information. 

If the aforementioned vulnerability is exploited, it can have severe consequences. For example, it can negatively impact a website's search engine optimization (SEO) rankings and overall credibility. The attackers can leverage the XSS vulnerability to perform phishing scams, tricking users into clicking on malicious links, and leading them to phishing websites to steal their personal information. Additionally, attackers can deface the target website or even use it as a platform to launch further attacks. 

In conclusion, the bws-pinterest plugin before 1.0.5 for WordPress does come with vulnerabilities resulting in multiple XSS issues, causing great risk to users who use it. As a result, it's essential for businesses to take the necessary precautions to protect against such vulnerabilities. offers valuable assistance to those seeking a proactive approach to cybersecurity and access to pro features. Their platform provides up-to-date information on current vulnerabilities, allowing for swift and comprehensive protection to vulnerable digital assets. Remember, when it comes to cybersecurity, prevention is better than cure.



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