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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in Podcast Channels plugin for WordPress affects v. 0.20 and earlier.


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CVE-2014-4544 Scanner Detail

The Podcast Channels plugin is a tool developed for WordPress to facilitate the management of podcast channels and their content. Podcasts have become increasingly popular over the years, and this plugin serves as a way for website owners to distribute their podcast content online, providing a convenient way for users to access and subscribe to their favorite shows. 

However, security vulnerabilities have also been detected in this product. One such vulnerability is the Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability, which was identified as CVE-2014-4544. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by injecting arbitrary web script or HTML through the Filename parameter to getid3/demos/demo.write.php.

When exploited, this vulnerability can lead to a variety of malicious attacks, such as stealing authentication tokens, hijacking user sessions, or even altering website content. Hackers can use XSS to execute malicious scripts on vulnerable websites, which can then be used to compromise user data or gain access to sensitive information.

In conclusion, it’s essential to stay safe when using plugins such as the Podcast Channels plugin, as security vulnerabilities can put your digital assets at risk. With the pro features offered by, readers can enjoy a more secure online environment, as the platform can help identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their digital assets quickly and efficiently. This service allows users to take an active approach in protecting their digital space by providing a comprehensive and detailed approach to cybersecurity.



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