ForgeRock OpenAM Pre-auth RCE Vulnerability CVE-2021-35464 Scanner

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ForgeRock OpenAM Pre-auth RCE Vulnerability CVE-2021-35464 Scanner Detail

In ForgeRock OpenAM, there is a Pre-Auth Remote Code Execution vulnerability.

There is a pre-auth remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability in ForgeRock Access Manager identity and access management software. ForgeRock front-ends web applications and remote access solutions in many enterprises. The weakness exists due to unsafe object deserialization via the Jato framework, with a disturbingly diminutive proof of concept that requires a single GET/POST request for code execution.

ForgeRock versions below 7.0 running on Java 8 are vulnerable and the weakness also exists in unpatched versions of the Open Identify Platform’s fork of OpenAM. ForgeRock/OIP installations running on Java 9 or higher are unaffected.

Some Advice for Common Problems

  • You need to apply related fixes.
  • Sanitize all parameters received as input from the user.

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