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CVE-2020-26248 Scanner

Detects 'SQL Injection (SQLi)' vulnerability in PrestaShop Product Comments affects v. before 4.2.1.


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Understanding PrestaShop Product Comments Module

PrestaShop Product Comments is a module designed to allow users to post reviews and ratings on various products available in a PrestaShop-based ecommerce store. This feature enables customers to share their experiences and opinions about specific products, which can aid potential buyers in making informed purchasing decisions. The module empowers both shoppers and store owners by fostering an interactive and transparent environment for product feedback.

Explaining the CVE-2020-26248 Vulnerability

The CVE-2020-26248 vulnerability affects versions prior to 4.2.1 of the PrestaShop Product Comments module and represents a critical SQL Injection (SQLi) security flaw. This vulnerability arises from improper input validation, allowing malicious actors to inject and execute arbitrary SQL queries within the context of the affected application. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can gain unauthorized access to the underlying database, manipulate sensitive data, and potentially compromise the integrity of the ecommerce platform.

Consequences of Exploiting CVE-2020-26248

If exploited by a malicious cyber attacker, the CVE-2020-26248 vulnerability in the PrestaShop Product Comments module can lead to severe repercussions. Unauthorized SQL injection can result in data breaches, exposing sensitive customer information such as personal details, order history, and payment records. Furthermore, attackers could manipulate or delete critical data, disrupt ecommerce operations, and undermine the trust and credibility of the online store, leading to financial and reputational damage.

Persuading Readers to Utilize the SecurityForEveryone Platform

For those who are not yet members of the platform, leveraging the services of SecurityForEveryone is paramount to preemptive threat exposure management. By utilizing continuous vulnerability scanning and monitoring, businesses can proactively detect and address critical security flaws such as CVE-2020-26248 before they are exploited. Joining SecurityForEveryone empowers organizations to fortify their digital assets, mitigate cyber risks, and uphold a resilient security posture in the face of evolving threats.



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