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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in Prometheus affects v. from 2.23.0 to 2.27.1.


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Prometheus is a popular open-source monitoring system and time series database widely used in the world of IT operations and software development. It is designed to collect metrics from various systems, including servers, containers, and applications, allowing users to analyze and understand complex performance and operational data. The Prometheus platform is highly configurable, scalable, and modular, making it a powerful tool for monitoring and alerting in production environments.

Recently, a critical vulnerability was identified in Prometheus, known as CVE-2021-29622. This vulnerability allows a malicious attacker to craft a special URL that can redirect users from the /new endpoint to any arbitrary URL. This means that an attacker can potentially redirect unsuspecting users to malicious websites or phishing pages, putting them at risk of identity theft or other forms of cybercrime.

If exploited, the CVE-2021-29622 vulnerability can lead to serious consequences for organizations and individuals relying on Prometheus for their operations and data analysis needs. In addition to financial losses and reputational damage, the exploitation of this vulnerability can result in data theft, system compromise, and unauthorized access to confidential information. Due to the severity of this vulnerability, it is essential that users take immediate action to secure and protect their Prometheus instances.

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