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CVE-2024-21645 Scanner

Detects 'Log Injection' vulnerability in pyload affects v. before 0.5.0b3.dev77.


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Vulnerability Overview

Pyload is affected by a log injection vulnerability that compromises log integrity by allowing unauthorized log message injections. This flaw exposes the system to risks associated with falsified log entries.

Vulnerability Details

The vulnerability stems from Pyload's inadequate sanitization of user input in its logging mechanism. An attacker can exploit this by injecting custom log entries, potentially obscuring malicious activities or implicating innocent parties in attacks.

Possible Effects

  • Compromised Log Integrity: The accuracy and reliability of log files are undermined, affecting incident response and forensic analysis.
  • Misleading Information: Injected log entries can mislead administrators and security tools, potentially diverting attention from genuine security incidents.

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