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CVE-2019-6802 Scanner

Detects 'Carriage Return Line Feed Injection' vulnerability in Pypiserver affects v. through 1.2.5.


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Pypiserver is a popular open source tool used for hosting and serving Python packages. This lightweight package application is used in organizations to simplify the process of distributing, installing, and managing Python packages. By using Pypiserver, developers can manage and distribute Python packages without relying on external package repositories. This makes the deployment and management of Python packages easier, faster, and more secure.

The CVE-2019-6802 vulnerability is a critical security flaw that was detected in Pypiserver version 1.2.5 and below. The flaw, also known as CRLF Injection, enables hackers to set arbitrary HTTP headers and potentially launch Cross-Site Scripting attacks by inserting a %0d%0a in a URI. Hackers can manipulate this technique to inject malicious scripts that could ultimately lead to a full-scale attack on the system.

When this vulnerability is exploited, it can cause serious harm to the entire Python package ecosystem. The consequences of exploiting the vulnerability include sensitive data leaks, cross-site scripting attacks, compromise of Python environments, and unauthorized access to internal systems. The potential damage of such an attack on an organization can be catastrophic, both financially and in terms of business continuity.

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