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Detects 'Path Traversal' vulnerability in Qlik Sense Enterprise affects v. May 2023 Patch 3 and earlier, February 2023 Patch 7 and earlier, November 2022 Patch 10 and earlier, August 2022 Patch 12 and earlier


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Qlik Sense Enterprise, a prominent business intelligence and data visualization tool, is designed for data analytics and insights within an organizational environment. It serves a wide range of industries, providing features for interactive dashboards, associative exploration, and collaborative decision-making. This software is utilized by businesses to harness their data for strategic insights, making it integral to data-driven decision-making processes. Its deployment on Windows platforms offers robust analytics capabilities that cater to the diverse needs of modern enterprises. By facilitating the understanding and visualization of complex datasets, Qlik Sense Enterprise plays a crucial role in organizational analytics strategies.

The Path Traversal vulnerability within Qlik Sense Enterprise allows unauthenticated attackers to exploit insufficient input validation mechanisms to access files and directories stored outside the intended web root folder. By manipulating web requests, attackers can gain unauthorized access to system files, which could potentially expose sensitive information or disrupt service operations. This vulnerability poses a significant risk to data confidentiality and system integrity, as it enables attackers to bypass security controls to retrieve or manipulate sensitive data.

This vulnerability exploits the handling of user-supplied input in the URL, allowing attackers to traverse the directory structure of the server. By crafting malicious requests that include .. sequences or other directory traversal characters, attackers can access or manipulate resources that should not be accessible through the web application. The vulnerability specifically affects certain endpoints within Qlik Sense Enterprise that do not properly sanitize path traversal patterns in their request processing logic. These endpoints, when exploited, can be used to access files or execute commands that compromise the security and stability of the system.

If exploited, the Path Traversal vulnerability could lead to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, such as configuration files, source code, or personal data. This could subsequently result in identity theft, financial loss, or reputational damage for the affected organization. Additionally, attackers might leverage this vulnerability to carry out further attacks against the system or its users, potentially leading to a complete compromise of system security.

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