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Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in ray-project/ray affects v. before 2.8.1.


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Ray is an open-source distributed computing framework that is used to simplify the process of building and running distributed applications. It enables developers to easily scale their applications across multiple machines and clusters by providing a simple API for writing parallel and distributed tasks. The project is maintained by a team called ‘Anyscale’ and is widely popular in the Python community.

However, a critical vulnerability was recently detected in Ray's log API endpoint, the CVE-2023-6021. This vulnerability allows attackers to execute a Local File Inclusion attack which exposes confidential information to the attacker. In simple terms, an attacker may access sensitive information on the server without the requirement of any authentication. This kind of attack can lead to disastrous consequences for the integrity of the system, including data breaches and unauthorized access.

As a result of this vulnerability, attackers may have access to valuable data and resources, which can lead to significant financial and intellectual losses. This kind of attack is particularly harmful for organizations that rely heavily on sensitive data and resources, such as financial institutions, government agencies, and healthcare organizations. It is also important to note that the severity of the damage caused by this vulnerability rests on the context of the data and the resources being accessed.

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