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CVE-2021-29006 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion' vulnerability in rConfig affects v. 3.9.6.


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rConfig is a popular network device configuration management tool designed to help network engineers manage the configuration of their network devices efficiently. It allows for the automatic backup, documentation, management, and scheduling of configuration changes across network devices such as routers, switches, and firewalls. rConfig is widely used in IT departments and by network administrators to streamline network management tasks, enhance network security, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

The flaw is primarily due to inadequate input validation and sanitization in the ajaxGetFileByPath.php file handling mechanism. An attacker, by crafting a malicious request to the ajaxGetFileByPath.php file with a specific path parameter, can exploit this vulnerability to read files from the server's filesystem. This security issue underscores the critical need for validating and sanitizing all user inputs, especially those that involve file access operations.

Exploitation of this vulnerability could result in unauthorized access to sensitive information stored on the server, such as system configurations, user credentials, and other critical data. This could potentially compromise the confidentiality and integrity of the system and its data, leading to further attacks, such as privilege escalation or lateral movement within the network infrastructure.

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