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CVE-2021-35395 Scanner

Detects 'Arbitrary Command Injection' vulnerability in RealTek Jungle SDK, posing a critical security risk.


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CVE-2021-35395 Scanner Detail

RealTek's Jungle SDK is a widely used software development kit for creating firmware on various RealTek-based devices, including routers, IoT devices, and home networking equipment. It provides developers with tools and libraries to develop and deploy applications efficiently. Given its widespread use in network devices, vulnerabilities within this SDK can have significant implications, potentially affecting thousands of internet-connected devices across the globe.

The vulnerability stems from improper input validation in the formWsc page of the management interface. An attacker can inject and execute shell commands by sending specially crafted HTTP requests. This exploitation technique allows the attacker to bypass security mechanisms, execute code with the same privileges as the device's firmware, and modify the device's operations or compromise the device's security entirely.

The exploitation of this command injection vulnerability can lead to unauthorized access, data exfiltration, denial of service attacks, and the deployment of malware or ransomware. In a worst-case scenario, attackers could establish a foothold within a network, facilitating further attacks against connected devices and potentially accessing sensitive information.

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