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The E1 Zoom camera is a cutting-edge surveillance device that provides full HD resolution and remote live viewing through the user's mobile phone. This camera is a top-rated product for commercial and residential safety purposes. It is popular due to its easy installation and maintenance, as well as the various features it offers, such as IR night vision, 355-degree horizontal rotation, two-way audio, and motion detection. 

Recently, a vulnerability was discovered in this camera's web server that can lead to a severe security threat. The CVE-2021-40150 vulnerability allows an attacker to access and download the entire NGINX/FastCGI configuration by querying the /conf/nginx.conf or /conf/fastcgi.conf URI. This means that an attacker can easily gather sensitive information about the camera's configuration, including the login credentials and file paths. 

If this vulnerability is exploited, an attacker can gain full control of the camera's settings and execute arbitrary commands on the device, including deleting or modifying files, stealing data, and even using the camera to launch DDoS attacks against other targets. This can cause major disruptions and pose a significant threat to both individuals and businesses who use these cameras for surveillance purposes. 

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