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Detects 'Cross Site Scripting' vulnerability in ReQlogic v11.3


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ReQlogic is a comprehensive solution for automating procurement, expense, and invoice processes within organizations. It's tailored for integration with Microsoft Dynamics ERPs, enhancing efficiency, and providing robust controls and workflow for managing business spending. Used by businesses to streamline procurement processes, ReQlogic offers tools for requisitions, invoicing, and expense reporting, aiming to improve accuracy, reduce processing times, and increase financial oversight.

The Cross Site Scripting vulnerability in ReQlogic version 11.3 arises from insufficient input sanitization in the POBatch and WaitDuration parameters. This flaw allows attackers to inject and execute arbitrary web scripts or HTML within the context of a user's browser session. Such vulnerabilities are particularly dangerous as they can lead to a wide range of exploits, including session hijacking, personal data theft, and malicious redirection.

Specifically, the vulnerability can be exploited by crafting a malicious URL containing a script payload in the affected parameters. When a user navigates to this URL, the script executes within their browser, running under the privileges of the web application. This could potentially allow attackers to steal session tokens, personal information, or perform actions on behalf of the user within the application, compromising the security and integrity of the application and its users.

Successful exploitation of this XSS vulnerability could compromise the confidentiality and integrity of user sessions. Attackers could perform actions on behalf of users, access sensitive information, deface web pages, or redirect users to malicious sites. The impact extends to the loss of trust in the application's security, potential regulatory compliance issues, and financial losses associated with remediation efforts and reputational damage.

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