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Request Based External Service Interaction Checker

Detect unauthorized external interactions initiated by your web applications, safeguarding against potential Out-of-Band (OOB) Request Based Interaction vulnerabilities.


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Vulnerability Overview:

Vulnerability: OOB Request Based Interaction
Detection Method: OOB Request Interaction Vulnerability Scanner
Severity: Informational (Further investigation needed to assess exploitability)
Impact: OOB request-based interaction vulnerabilities may allow attackers to induce a server to make external requests to a domain they control, potentially leading to SSRF attacks, data exfiltration, or reconnaissance of internal network environments.

Vulnerability Details:

This scanner identifies potential OOB request-based interaction vulnerabilities by sending specially crafted requests that aim to trigger external DNS or HTTP interactions. By manipulating request parameters such as the Host header or request path, the scanner tests if the server inadvertently makes a request to an attacker-controlled domain. Successful detection indicates a vulnerability that could be exploited for SSRF attacks or to glean information about the server's internal workings or network environment.

The Importance of Addressing OOB Request Based Interactions:

Mitigating OOB request-based interaction vulnerabilities is crucial for protecting web applications from external exploitation that could compromise sensitive data or the security of internal networks. Addressing these vulnerabilities helps prevent attackers from leveraging the application to interact with external services in a manner not intended by the application developers or administrators.

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SecurityForEveryone provides advanced tools like the OOB Request Interaction Vulnerability Scanner, enabling organizations to proactively identify and mitigate complex vulnerabilities. Our comprehensive scanning technology, coupled with expert insights, offers actionable recommendations to enhance your cybersecurity defenses against OOB and SSRF vulnerabilities.

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