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CVE-2023-4169 Scanner

Detects 'Password Reset' vulnerability in Ruijie RG-EW1200G Router affects v. 1.0(1)B1P5.


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CVE-2023-4169 Scanner Detail

The Ruijie RG-EW1200G Router is a networking device designed to provide wireless internet access and networking services. Manufactured by Ruijie Networks, this router is commonly used in homes and small offices for connecting multiple devices to the internet and facilitating network communication. Its firmware version 1.0(1)B1P5 offers various features for network management and security. However, a critical vulnerability has been identified in this version, posing significant risks to network security. The device is pivotal for maintaining stable and secure internet connectivity in its deployment environments.

CVE-2023-4169 exposes a critical vulnerability in the Ruijie RG-EW1200G Router's firmware version 1.0(1)B1P5, allowing unauthorized password reset. This vulnerability stems from improper access controls on the /api/sys/set_passwd endpoint of the router's web interface. Attackers can remotely manipulate this endpoint to change the administrator's password without proper authentication. This flaw severely compromises the router's security, potentially granting attackers administrative access to the device.

The vulnerability specifically targets the /api/sys/set_passwd endpoint used for changing the administrator's password in the router's web interface. By sending a specially crafted POST request to this endpoint, an attacker can reset the administrator's password to a value of their choosing. This action requires minimal knowledge about the router's configuration and does not necessitate existing administrative privileges. The lack of proper validation and access control on this endpoint facilitates this attack. Successfully exploiting this vulnerability grants the attacker full control over the router, including the ability to modify settings, intercept traffic, and deny internet access.

Exploiting this vulnerability can have severe consequences, including unauthorized administrative access, network traffic interception, and potential introduction of malware into the network. Attackers could leverage this access to conduct further attacks against connected devices, steal sensitive information, and disrupt network operations. The integrity and confidentiality of the network are at significant risk, highlighting the need for immediate remediation to protect against potential breaches and cyber-attacks.

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