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Detects 'Cross Site Scripting' vulnerability in Rukovoditel affects v. <= 3.2.1


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Rukovoditel is a flexible software solution designed for project management and CRM. It is widely used by businesses to streamline project tasks, manage resources, and store critical data. The platform offers a customizable project and task management system, enabling users to adapt the application to their specific needs. Its comprehensive CRM features assist in managing customer relationships and tracking communications. Rukovoditel's web-based interface facilitates easy access and collaboration among team members, making it an essential tool for improving productivity and project oversight.

The Cross Site Scripting (XSS) vulnerability found in Rukovoditel version 3.2.1 and below allows attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages viewed by other users. This flaw is particularly concerning because it can be exploited to steal sensitive information, such as session tokens or personal data, from unsuspecting users. The vulnerability is a result of improper input validation in the Add Announcement function, specifically within the Title field. This security issue puts the integrity and confidentiality of user data at risk, making it a critical concern for all Rukovoditel users.

This vulnerability is stored XSS found in the Add Announcement function accessible via the /index.php?module=help_pages/pages&entities_id=24 URL. The issue arises from inadequate sanitization of the input provided in the Title field. Attackers can exploit this by submitting a specially crafted payload that, when processed by the application, executes arbitrary JavaScript code in the context of the victim's browser. This vulnerability requires low privilege level for exploitation and user interaction, as the malicious script runs when a victim views the injected announcement.

Exploiting this XSS vulnerability can lead to several adverse effects, including session hijacking, phishing attacks, and unauthorized actions performed on behalf of the user. Attackers can gain access to sensitive information, such as cookies, session tokens, and other data stored in the browser. This can compromise user accounts and expose confidential business information. Furthermore, the attacker could manipulate the appearance of the application or redirect users to malicious websites, potentially leading to further compromises.

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