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CVE-2021-33690 Scanner

Detects 'Server Side Request Forgery' vulnerability in SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure affects versions 7.11 to 7.50.


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SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure is a crucial component for the development, provisioning, and management of SAP applications. This platform supports the entire lifecycle of software development with tools for modeling, designing, and managing SAP solutions. It is used by developers and IT professionals across various industries to streamline the development process of SAP applications, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and scalability. The infrastructure provides a robust environment for building enterprise-ready applications that are integral to business operations.

This SSRF vulnerability is present in the Component Build Service of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure. It arises due to inadequate validation of user-supplied input, allowing an attacker with access to the server to craft malicious requests. These requests can cause the server to interact with internal services, retrieve or manipulate data, or probe internal networks. Since the Component Build Service processes these requests, it inadvertently acts on behalf of the attacker, escalating the potential impact.

The exploitation of this SSRF vulnerability can lead to significant security breaches, including but not limited to, accessing and disclosing sensitive information, manipulating or deleting data, and potentially compromising the integrity and availability of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure. This could disrupt business operations, lead to financial losses, and damage the organization's reputation.

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