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Detects 'Unauthenticated Arbitrary Post Title Disclosure' vulnerability in SearchWP Live Ajax Search affects v. < 1.6.2


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SearchWP Live Ajax Search is a plugin for WordPress that enhances the search experience on websites by providing live search results as the user types their query. This plugin is widely used on WordPress sites to offer instant search feedback, improving user engagement and site usability. It is designed for website owners and developers looking for an efficient and user-friendly search solution. The plugin integrates seamlessly with WordPress and SearchWP, offering customizable search forms and results. It is particularly beneficial for e-commerce sites, blogs, and content-rich websites that require an efficient search function to help users find relevant content quickly.

CVE-2022-2535 identifies a security vulnerability in versions of the SearchWP Live Ajax Search plugin before 1.6.2. The flaw allows unauthenticated users to disclose post titles that are not intended for public view, such as drafts, pending, and private posts. This vulnerability arises due to the plugin not properly restricting search results based on post status. As a result, attackers can craft specific queries to expose sensitive information, potentially undermining the privacy and security of the content managed by WordPress site administrators.

The vulnerability is exploited through crafted requests to the plugin's live search feature, specifically targeting the admin-ajax.php file with the action parameter set to searchwp_live_search. By manipulating the swpquery parameter and specifying a post_status value such as draft, attackers can retrieve titles of unpublished or private posts. This issue occurs because the plugin fails to adequately check and filter user queries based on the authentication status and intended visibility of posts. The lack of stringent validation and access control measures within the plugin's search functionality facilitates this information disclosure vulnerability.

Exploiting this vulnerability can lead to unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information, such as titles of draft, pending, or private posts, which could be leveraged by attackers for further malicious activities. This exposure might compromise the confidentiality of unpublished content, affecting the integrity of the website and potentially leading to reputational damage for site owners. Furthermore, it could provide attackers with insights into the content strategy and upcoming posts of a website, enabling targeted phishing or social engineering attacks.

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