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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in Seo By 10Web WordPress plugin affects v. before 1.2.7.


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Seo By 10Web is a WordPress plugin designed to optimize websites for search engines. It provides a suite of tools for improving page visibility, including automatic sitemap generation, meta tag customization, and SEO analysis. Targeted at website owners and developers, this plugin aims to streamline the SEO process and enhance website rankings. By integrating with WordPress, Seo By 10Web simplifies the task of optimizing content and ensuring websites meet the latest SEO standards. It is especially popular among WordPress users looking for an efficient and user-friendly solution for boosting their site's search engine performance.

The Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability identified in versions of the Seo By 10Web plugin before 1.2.7 arises from the lack of proper sanitization and escaping of some settings. This flaw permits high-privilege users, such as administrators, to execute stored XSS attacks, even when WordPress multisite configurations disallow the unfiltered_html capability. Such vulnerabilities allow attackers to inject malicious scripts into web pages viewed by other users, leading to potential compromise of user sessions or redirection to malicious sites.

This vulnerability is exploited through unsanitized input fields within the plugin's settings, specifically on the sitemap configuration page. Attackers can inject malicious JavaScript code into fields such as additional_pages[page_url][], which is not properly sanitized upon submission. When other users, including site administrators, access these manipulated settings, the injected script is executed. This flaw highlights the critical importance of sanitizing and escaping all user inputs in plugin settings to prevent malicious code execution.

Exploitation of this XSS vulnerability could result in unauthorized access to sensitive information, session hijacking, and redirection of users to malicious websites. It compromises the security of the WordPress site, potentially leading to further attacks against site users and administrators. The breach of trust and potential data loss or exposure underscores the importance of promptly addressing such vulnerabilities.

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