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Shiro Deserialization Vulnerability Scanner

This scanner meticulously probes for vulnerabilities within the Shiro framework, specifically targeting deserialization issues up to version 1.2.4. Utilizing 51 built-in Shiro keys, it identifies exploitable weaknesses by manipulating rememberMe cookies.


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Shiro Deserialization Vulnerability Scanner Detail

Vulnerability Overview

Apache Shiro versions up to 1.2.4 are susceptible to deserialization vulnerabilities, potentially allowing attackers to execute arbitrary code. The flaw stems from insecure deserialization processes associated with the rememberMe cookie.

Vulnerability Details

The scanner tests the application's handling of the rememberMe cookie by sending crafted requests with default Shiro keys. A change in the server's response between a normal rememberMe cookie and a manipulated one suggests a potential vulnerability, indicating the application's susceptibility to deserialization attacks.

Possible Effects

  • Unauthorized remote code execution on the server.
  • Potential compromise of application integrity and confidentiality.
  • Exposure of sensitive information or system access.

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