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CVE-2015-1000010 Scanner

Detects 'Local File Inclusion (LFI)' vulnerability in Simple Image Manipulator plugin for WordPress affects v. before 1.0.


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Simple Image Manipulator is a WordPress plugin that allows users to edit their images in an easy and efficient manner. With this plugin, users can resize, crop, flip, rotate, and add filters to their images with just a few clicks. This plugin is especially helpful for those who need to optimize their images for their website, blog, or social media platforms. Simple Image Manipulator is a popular choice among WordPress users because of its user-friendly interface and extensive editing capabilities.

CVE-2015-1000010 is a security vulnerability that was detected in Simple Image Manipulator. This vulnerability occurs when the plugin allows remote file download without proper authentication. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to download files from the remote server without permission, which can lead to loss of sensitive information or even system compromise. This vulnerability was identified by security researchers and was quickly addressed by the plugin's developers in a subsequent update.

When exploited, CVE-2015-1000010 can lead to a number of serious consequences. Attackers can use this vulnerability to steal sensitive information, such as user credentials or financial data, causing significant damage to individuals or organizations. Additionally, attackers can use this vulnerability to compromise the system and execute malicious code, which can lead to complete loss of data or system control.

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