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Detects 'Open Redirect' vulnerability in SINEMA Remote Connect Server affects v. < V2.0


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The SINEMA Remote Connect Server is a software solution developed by Siemens for remote access to industrial networks and devices. It is widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, energy, and utilities to facilitate secure remote connectivity and management of industrial control systems. The platform supports secure communication channels, allowing for the monitoring and maintenance of equipment from remote locations. This product is particularly useful for organizations looking to enhance their operational efficiency and reduce downtime by enabling engineers and technicians to access systems remotely.

The open redirect vulnerability in the SINEMA Remote Connect Server allows attackers to redirect users to arbitrary websites by tricking them into clicking a malicious link. This type of vulnerability can be exploited to conduct phishing attacks, potentially leading to the compromise of sensitive information. The vulnerability arises because the software does not properly validate URLs before redirecting users, making it possible for attackers to craft links that lead to external, malicious sites.

The vulnerability is located in the web-based management interface of the SINEMA Remote Connect Server, specifically in the login page where the next parameter is handled. An attacker can exploit this flaw by sending a crafted URL to a legitimate user, which upon clicking, redirects them to a malicious website. This issue is due to insufficient validation of the redirection target specified in the next parameter, allowing for external URLs to be injected and executed.

Exploiting this open redirect vulnerability could lead to several adverse effects, including leading users to phishing sites where their credentials can be stolen, redirecting to websites hosting malware potentially resulting in the compromise of the user's system, and damaging the reputation of the organization by using the legitimate server as a vector for attacks. The vulnerability can be used as a part of multi-stage attack scenarios, further escalating the potential impact.

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