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SMB Shares Security Scanner

Protect your network's SMB shares from unauthorized access and vulnerabilities. Our scanner provides essential insights to secure and manage SMB shares effectively.


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The SMB Shares Security Scanner is a specialized tool offered by SecurityForEveryone, aimed at identifying, assessing, and improving the security of SMB shares on your network. SMB shares are widely used in organizations for file sharing and collaboration, making them a critical component of network infrastructure. However, improperly configured or insecure SMB shares can pose significant risks, including data breaches and unauthorized data access.

Importance of Securing SMB Shares

SMB shares, if not properly secured, can become a target for cybercriminals seeking to exploit network vulnerabilities for unauthorized access to sensitive information. Ensuring that SMB shares are configured with appropriate security settings is vital to protect against such threats. This includes setting proper access controls, enforcing strong authentication methods, and regularly auditing share permissions to prevent data exposure.

Why SecurityForEveryone?

Choosing the SMB Shares Security Scanner from SecurityForEveryone offers numerous benefits:

  • Comprehensive Scanning: Our scanner thoroughly examines your SMB shares for common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, providing a clear picture of your security posture.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Receive specific, actionable recommendations to address identified issues, strengthening your SMB shares against potential threats.
  • Ongoing Support: Access to our team of security experts for guidance on implementing best practices and resolving complex security challenges.
  • Enhanced Protection: With regular scanning and updates, ensure your SMB shares remain protected against the latest threats and vulnerabilities.

The SMB Shares Security Scanner is an indispensable tool for organizations looking to secure their SMB shares comprehensively. By leveraging SecurityForEveryone's expertise and advanced scanning technology, you can ensure your SMB shares are configured for maximum security, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access and safeguarding your critical data.

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