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SMB Signing Enforcement Scanner

Quickly identify SMB services with signing not enforced to protect your network from MITM attacks and data tampering. Our scanner offers detailed insights for strengthening your SMB security posture.


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The SMB Signing Compliance Scanner is a critical tool within the SecurityForEveryone platform designed to audit your network's SMB (Server Message Block) services for a key security feature: SMB signing enforcement. SMB signing is vital for the authentication and integrity of SMB communications, preventing Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attacks and ensuring that data transferred over the network remains secure and tamper-proof.

Importance of SMB Signing

SMB signing serves as a protective measure by digitally signing packets exchanged between clients and servers. This feature is crucial for networks handling sensitive data, as it prevents attackers from intercepting, altering, or redirecting SMB packets. Without enforced SMB signing, your network is vulnerable to credential theft, data tampering, and unauthorized access.

How the Scanner Works

The SMB Signing Compliance Scanner employs advanced detection algorithms to scan your network's SMB services, identifying configurations where SMB signing is not enforced. It meticulously checks both server and client configurations, providing a comprehensive overview of your network's SMB security posture.

Scanner Features:

  • Comprehensive Scanning: Analyzes both SMB client and server configurations across your network.
  • Detailed Reporting: Offers in-depth reports on SMB signing configurations, highlighting potential vulnerabilities and non-compliance with best practices.
  • Actionable Recommendations: Provides tailored advice for configuring SMB services to enforce signing, enhancing your network's security against sophisticated attacks.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the process of scanning and interpreting results, making it accessible for both technical and non-technical users.

Ensuring your network's SMB services enforce signing is crucial for safeguarding against data breaches and cyber-attacks. With the SMB Signing Compliance Scanner, SecurityForEveryone provides a vital tool for organizations aiming to enhance their cybersecurity defenses and maintain the integrity of their network communications.

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