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SMB2 Capabilities Assessment Scanner

Enhance your network's security and efficiency by evaluating SMB2 capabilities. Our scanner delivers crucial insights into your SMB services, aiding in optimization and protection.


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The SMB2 Capabilities Assessment Scanner is an essential tool in the SecurityForEveryone suite, designed to analyze and report on the capabilities of the Server Message Block (SMB) version 2 protocol within your network. SMB2, an updated version of the standard SMB protocol, includes enhancements in performance, security, and stability. Understanding and optimizing these capabilities are vital for maintaining a secure and efficient network environment.

Understanding SMB2

SMB2 is a network file sharing protocol that allows computers to read and write files to a remote host over a network. This protocol is integral to networked environments, particularly in Windows networks, for sharing access to files, printers, and serial ports. SMB2 includes significant improvements over its predecessor, SMB1, such as reduced chattiness, increased scalability, and improved security features. However, the configuration and capabilities of SMB2 can vary, affecting both the security and performance of network operations.

Why SecurityForEveryone?

By choosing the SMB2 Capabilities Assessment Scanner, you benefit from:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Our scanner provides a comprehensive assessment of your SMB2 configurations, identifying areas for improvement in security and performance.
  • Actionable Insights: Receive clear, actionable advice on how to optimize your SMB2 setup for enhanced security and efficiency.
  • Continuous Updates: The scanner is regularly updated to reflect the latest in SMB2 developments and security standards, ensuring your network remains at the forefront of technological advancements.

The SMB2 Capabilities Assessment Scanner is an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to maximize the security and efficiency of their network file sharing capabilities. With SecurityForEveryone's expertise and advanced scanning technology, you can ensure that your SMB2 configurations are not only compliant with the latest standards but also optimized for peak performance.

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