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Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)' vulnerability in SolarView Compact affects v. 6.0.


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SolarView Compact is a web-based monitoring platform for solar photovoltaic systems. It is designed to provide real-time data on the performance of the solar panel systems, as well as the energy production and consumption. The SolarView Compact is used by solar energy operators and installers to ensure the solar photovoltaic systems are functioning as they are intended to, and to monitor the power consumption of any buildings connected to the system.

Recently, a critical vulnerability was discovered in the SolarView Compact v6.0 version. CVE-2022-31373 is a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability found in the component Solar_AiConf.php. This vulnerability allows an attacker to inject malicious code into a website, which can then be executed by unsuspecting users who visit the site. By exploiting this vulnerability, attackers can bypass security measures and gain access to sensitive user data or control of the system. This can result in significant harm to both the operator and the customers of the solar photovoltaic systems.

If exploited, the vulnerability can lead to several devastating consequences. Firstly, the attacker can gain access to sensitive personal information, such as user credentials or financial data, bank account details. Secondly, they can control the entire photovoltaic system. Thirdly, they can interrupt the power supply, causing a blackout to the entire network. Moreover, in case the hacker gains access to the system, they can manipulate the data that the operators and installers use, leading to a mistrusted or inaccurate evaluation of the solar system performance.

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