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CVE-2022-29303 Scanner

Detects 'OS Command Injection' vulnerability in SolarView Compact affects v. 6.00.


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SolarView Compact is a software used for solar power management and monitoring. It is designed for homeowners and businesses who utilize solar panels to generate electricity. The software helps them to track their energy production, monitor system performance, and ensure the efficiency of their solar panels. Additionally, SolarView Compact provides users with real-time data on their energy consumption and the ability to set alerts in case any issues arise.

CVE-2022-29303 is a recently detected vulnerability found in SolarView Compact software. The vulnerability was discovered via conf_mail.php, which allows attackers to inject malicious code into the system. This vulnerability can be exploited by attackers to gain unauthorized access to the software, steal sensitive data or take control of the system.

The exploitation of CVE-2022-29303 can lead to severe consequences for users of SolarView Compact. The attackers can steal billing information, customer details, personally identifiable information, and other confidential data. Moreover, they can manipulate the solar panels, causing them to malfunction or shut down, leading to a loss of energy production and a significant financial loss.

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