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CVE-2021-20031 Scanner

Detects 'Host Header Injection' vulnerability in SonicOS affects v. 7.0.1-R1262 and earlier, 7.0.1-R1283 and earlier, 7.0.1-R579 and earlier, and earlier, and earlier, and earlier, and earlier, and earlier.


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CVE-2021-20031 Scanner Detail

SonicOS is a network security operating system designed for use by organizations of all sizes. It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be customized to meet the specific security needs of businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises. SonicOS provides features such as network and application firewalls, VPN access, intrusion prevention, anti-malware protection, and SSL offloading. Its primary purpose is to secure networks from cyber attacks by providing an all-in-one solution to protect against various types of threats.

CVE-2021-20031 is a vulnerability that was recently discovered in SonicOS. This vulnerability, if exploited, can potentially allow a remote attacker to redirect firewall management users to arbitrary web domains. This means that an attacker can redirect users to fake websites that can steal their login credentials or spread malware. The vulnerability occurs due to the improper handling of host headers in SonicOS.

The exploitation of CVE-2021-20031 can lead to severe consequences for businesses. An attacker can gain unauthorized access to sensitive data or steal confidential information. Cybercriminals can also spread malware or viruses throughout a network, causing significant damage to the system. Moreover, it can lead to financial loss or reputational damage to the company.

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