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CVE-2016-7834 Scanner

Detects 'Hard-Coded Credentials' vulnerability in Sony IPELA Engine IP Camera affects v. before 2.7.2.


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Sony IPELA Engine IP Camera is a high-quality surveillance camera used in various settings to ensure security and monitor activities. The camera is widely used in commercial buildings, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and other public areas, both indoors and outdoors. Its primary purpose is to capture images or videos of people, objects, or events happening within its range of view, and transmit the data through the network to a designated device for monitoring and recording.

One of the significant vulnerabilities detected in Sony IPELA Engine IP Camera is CVE-2016-7834. This vulnerability can pose a severe security threat, as an attacker can exploit it to gain unauthorized access to the camera, thereby enabling them to steal sensitive information or perform malicious activities on the device. The vulnerability is present in the firmware versions earlier than Ver.1.86.00 and Ver. 2.7.2 for the respective camera models.

Exploiting CVE-2016-7834 vulnerability can lead to sensitive information disclosure, local network takeover, and command execution, among others. Attackers can remotely execute arbitrary code on the affected devices with administrative privileges, which means they can perform any operation on the camera, including viewing live feeds, changing settings, or deleting recorded data. This can result in a significant breach of privacy and security, leading to potential loss of reputation and financial damages for the affected organizations.

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