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Detects 'OS Command Injection' vulnerability in Schneider Electric SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller (5200WHC2) affects v. 1.31.460 and prior.


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The Schneider Electric SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller (5200WHC2) is a product designed for home automation purposes. It controls lighting, temperature, audiovisual systems, and security in a residential setting. The device is compact in size and can be installed anywhere to provide centralized control. With the C-Bus Wiser Home Controller application, users can access and control their home appliances from their smartphones.

CVE-2022-34753 is a vulnerability detected in the SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller (5200WHC2). The vulnerability pertains to improper neutralization of special elements used in an OS command, which can lead to an OS command injection. Exploiting this vulnerability can result in a remote root exploit on the device, enabling attackers to gain complete control over the appliance and potentially access sensitive information.

When exploited, the CVE-2022-34753 vulnerability in the SpaceLogic C-Bus Home Controller (5200WHC2) can cause significant harm to the device owner. Information can be stolen, appliances can be manipulated for malicious purposes, and the safety of the occupants can be compromised. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability from anywhere in the world, making it a critical security concern.

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