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SpeakOut! Email Petitions is a WordPress plugin designed to facilitate online activism. It allows website owners to create and manage email-based petitions, enabling visitors to sign and support various causes directly from the website. This plugin is widely used by non-profit organizations, advocacy groups, and individuals looking to drive social change through online campaigns. It provides an effective platform for mobilizing support, raising awareness, and engaging with a broader audience on important issues. The ease of integration with WordPress makes it a popular choice for website owners looking to incorporate activism into their online presence.

The vulnerability is specifically found in the way SpeakOut! Email Petitions handles the 'id' parameter within the 'dk_speakout_sendmail' AJAX action. An attacker can manipulate this parameter to inject malicious SQL code, which is executed by the plugin's backend without adequate validation. This can allow the attacker to perform SQL Injection attacks, which could include extracting sensitive database information, altering database data, or even manipulating the website's functionality. The exploitability of this vulnerability without authentication increases its severity, as it can be leveraged by any remote attacker with knowledge of the vulnerable endpoint.

Successful exploitation of this vulnerability could lead to several adverse effects, including unauthorized access to sensitive information stored in the database, such as user emails and petition data. Attackers could also manipulate or delete data, disrupting the functionality of the website and undermining the integrity of the petition campaigns. In severe cases, this could also lead to a complete takeover of the WordPress site, allowing attackers to further exploit the site's resources, spread malware, or launch additional attacks. The breach of data confidentiality and integrity can significantly damage the reputation of organizations using the plugin and erode trust among supporters.

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