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Detects 'Remote Code Execution (RCE)' vulnerability in SPIP affects v. before 4.2.1.


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SPIP stands for Système de Publication pour l'Internet, and it is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) designed for building online magazines, collaborative projects, and corporate portals. SPIP is widely used for its user-friendly interface and robust features such as multilingual support, customizable templates, and advanced search tools. The CMS allows developers to manage and publish articles, blogs, forums, polls, and multimedia content, all with great ease and efficiency.

However, the CMS's version prior to 4.2.1 has a critical vulnerability known as CVE-2023-27372. This vulnerability occurs when SPIP mishandles serialization, which allows an attacker to execute remote code via form values in the public area. When exploited, the vulnerability gives an attacker the opportunity to perform actions as an authenticated user, leading to the complete compromise of the affected site.

CVE-2023-27372 can lead to significant consequences for organizations that use SPIP. For instance, an attacker could gain access to sensitive data, inject malware, deface the website, or use the compromised site to launch attacks on other websites. The vulnerability can also result in legal and reputational damage, as well as financial losses for organizations.

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