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CVE-2021-40970 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in Spotweb affects v. <= 1.5.1.


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Spotweb is an open-source web-based newsreader and aggregator for Usenet, providing users with the capability to create their own 'Spotnet'. It acts as a decentralized platform for sharing and accessing a wide variety of content, ranging from multimedia to discussions. Spotweb is widely utilized within communities for its extensive features, including a sophisticated search mechanism, easy content sharing, and support for various media types. The application is designed for both personal and community use, facilitating a collaborative and enriched user experience in content discovery on Usenet.

The XSS vulnerability is present in the templates/installer/ file of Spotweb. By crafting a malicious URL that includes a specially formatted 'username' parameter, an attacker can inject and execute JavaScript code in a victim's browser. This issue exposes users to a range of attacks, including phishing, data theft, and unauthorized actions on behalf of the user, underscoring the critical need for input validation and output encoding practices in web applications.

Exploiting the XSS vulnerability in Spotweb could lead to unauthorized actions being executed on behalf of users, theft of session tokens, manipulation of web page content, and exposure of sensitive information. The impact of this vulnerability depends on the attacker's intent and the context in which the software is used, potentially compromising user privacy and security.

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