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CVE-2021-40971 Scanner

Detects 'Cross-Site Scripting' vulnerability in Spotweb affects v. <= 1.5.1.


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Spotweb serves as a comprehensive, open-source aggregation system for Usenet content, enabling users to conveniently read and post messages. It is primarily used as a personal newsreader or within community groups for sharing and exploring a variety of content including discussions and multimedia. Spotweb is recognized for its user-friendly interface, providing an efficient and organized method for users to navigate and consume Usenet content. The platform supports a variety of media types and integrates advanced search functionalities, enhancing the overall user experience in content discovery. It is developed and maintained by a community of volunteers and is widely adopted due to its robust features and flexibility.

This XSS vulnerability is located in the templates/installer/ file of Spotweb. Attackers can inject malicious JavaScript code by manipulating the 'newpassword1' parameter during the installation phase. This vulnerability allows attackers to perform a range of malicious activities, including but not limited to stealing session cookies, redirecting users to phishing sites, and manipulating webpage content. The exploitation of this vulnerability demonstrates the critical need for web applications to rigorously sanitize user inputs to prevent unintended script execution.

The exploitation of the XSS vulnerability in Spotweb could lead to unauthorized access to user sessions, theft of sensitive information, and manipulation of webpage content for phishing or other malicious purposes. Victims may unknowingly execute malicious scripts, leading to potential account compromise and data breaches. The impact of this vulnerability highlights the importance of secure coding practices and the implementation of comprehensive input validation and output encoding measures.

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